Sviatoslav Dubina
Sviatoslav DubinaFounder & Project Leader


Message from Our
Project Leader

Dear future partners!

 On behalf of all Ukrainians, I want to show respect to you and I have the honor!

Ukraine is a country with rich natural resources and we have something to be proud of and to surprise the world with. 27% of the world's fertile chernozem, forests, minerals, sincere, open people - this is what our country is.

We are convinced that you have previously been familiar with the Made in Ukraine products because we annually export significant volumes of raw materials to various countries of the world. Ukrainian raw materials can be found in foodstuff, which you buy every day in your stores. After all, Ukraine takes the first place in the world in the export of sunflower oil, barley - the second, corn, nuts and honey - the third, wheat and oilseeds - the sixth place.

In addition to food, Ukraine exports significant amounts of ferrous metal, which, for example, can be involved in the construction of your homes, ports and even entire cities! Moreover, Ukraine is one of the leading centers for software development and is the fourth largest exporter of IT products and services in the world. For example, WhatsApp, which is so common in the UAE and which you also use daily, was created by a programmer of Ukrainian origin, Jan Koum.

In 2018, actually, for the first time in history, Ukrainian reputational manufacturers teamed up to create the Ukrainian Business Hub in the Arabic World (UBH in GCC) to enter the world market with a high-quality, competitive value-added product.

We are confident in our productive cooperation, as for both of us the key point is a reliability and profitability.

The project UBH in GCC is a strong business bridge between Ukraine and GCC countries.

Our headquarter office is in Dubai and we are fully supports the UNPD Agenda 2030, as it notably contributes to the Global Sustainable Development Goals within the UAE.

Furthermore, we are intent to collaborate with government sector for multi-disciplinary situations, establish great relations and be a part of the business society.

Teaming up with local, regional and global partners we are opening the doors between Ukraine and GCC countries.

Yours truly,

Sviatoslav Dubina 

Founder and Project Leader 



Our Core Values

Honor and reputation are the main criteria for selecting companies for the project.
Our mission in the market - to be useful to society!
Take care of the gifts of nature, support the strategy of global sustainable development.
We are aware of the value of time and wisely use it.
We consider the key mission of the project to give people happiness


Our Vision For the Future

Our mission is to implement mutually beneficial projects  in food sphere, non food sphere, IT, as well as other joint initiatives for the sake of peace and development of our countries.

The global mission is to be reliable business bridge between our countries open doors, establish great partnership and cooperation together!